1.4544.9 / X10CrNiTi18-9

1.4544.9 / X10CrNiTi18-9

Round Bars 10–80 mm

Conforms with

Material properties: Tensile Strength – MPa, Yield Strength – MPa, Working temperature – °C

1.4544.9 / X10CrNiTi18-9 solution annealed .9

WL 1.4544.9, DIN EN 10088-3, EN 10095, AISI 321, AIR9160, UNS S32100

SAE 321 (1.4544) is a chrome-nickel stainless steel with the addition of titanium for increased hardness, elasticity, retention of non-magnetic properties and resistance to intergranular corrosion and elevated temperatures.

It is characterized by a high resistance to nitric acid, nitric salts in high concentrations and temperatures, cold solutions of salts, toluene, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, methanoic acid and a large proportion of organic acids. The very good impact resistance at low temperatures, the sufficient ductility of the materials and the increased resistance of SAE 321 to pitting and crevice corrosion due to the titanium content in the chemical composition is worth mentioning.

Due to its properties, SAE 321 is frequently used in the chemical industry, food industry, aerospace, paper and fuel industry in the area of ​​cryogenic applications, pressure vessels, liquid systems, tanks, pipelines, fittings, silos and tanks for the production of chemical compounds. You can also find SAE 321 in radiators, heat exchangers, corrosion-resistant springs, parts that require increased strength in structures, and autoclaves. Lastly, the steel is characterized by its good weldability.

Chemical Analysis

C: max. 0,08 %
Cr: 17,0 – 19,0 %
Mn: max. 2,0 %
Ni: 10,0 – 12,0 %
P: max. 0,035 %
S: max. 0,025 %
Si: max. 1,0 %
Ti: max. 0,7 %