1.6580 / 30CrNiMo8+QT

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1.6580 / 30CrNiMo8+QT

Round Bars 20–100 mm

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Material properties: Tensile Strength 1040–1200 MPa, Yield Strength 940– MPa, Working temperature – °C

Equivalent or similar: AISI 4340, SAE 4340, G43400, SEW 310, SEW 550,30NCD8, ASTM A 29 4340, SNCM431, BS 823M30, 3KH3M3F DIN EN 898-1 class 10.9 and DIN EN 898-2 class 10.0

Quenched and tempered steel with high temperability and toughness thanks to the high chromium content. It can be quenched and tempered at high resistance values and offers hardness consistency and uniformity. Generally used for pinions and shafts. Has average machinability on tool machines. Can be nitrided at the quenched and tempered state to increase resistance to wear and the fatigue limit. Uses: Highly stressed components with large cross sections for aircraft, automotive and mechanical engineering, such as propeller shafts, connecting rods, gear shafts, crankshafts, landing gear components. Heavy forgings, such as rotors, shafts and discs. For economic performance under severe dynamic stresses, parts must be designed for optimum strength.