PowerSteel.eu Nickel alloys Nimonic® 80A / 2.4952 / Alloy 80A BÖHLER L080A HT

Nimonic® 80A / 2.4952 / Alloy 80A BÖHLER L080A HT

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Round Bars 12–140 mm
Tensile Strength Rm:
1000 – 1300 MPa
Yield Strength:
from 600 MPa
Working temperature:
to 750°C
Equivalent or similar:
W.Nr 2.4952, W.Nr 2.4631, UNS N07080, AWS 031, ASTM B637, BS 3076, NA 20, BS HR 1, BS HR 601

About material

Nimonic® 80A / 2.4952 / Alloy 80A Böhler VIM+VAR melted

DGTLV 852021001 Index G
DD-1-for-DGTLV 852021001 Index G
DGTLV 852005002 Index D
DD-1-for-DGTLV 852005002 Index D

W-Nr.2.4952, UNS N07080
Stabstahl, gewalzt, abgekühlt aus der Walzhitze
Barsteel, rolled, cooled from rolling end temperature

DIN EN 10269:2014-02
ASTM B637-18

Nimonic® 80A is a Nickel-Chromium alloy which is precipitation hardenable.Because of the low Cobalt content, it is specified for nuclear applications. Nimonic® 80A performs well in applications where high temperature and continuous stress is a significant consideration. Beyond nuclear applications, it is traditionally used in applications such as gas turbines, as well as for exhaust valves in racing engines and spindles and fasteners for the motorsport sector.

Nimonic® 80A is also known as Nicrofer 7520 Ti, Pyromet 80A, Superimphy 80A, and Udimet 80A.Böhler, Böhler L080, NiCr20TiAl

Melting VIM+VAR

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