1.4306 / X2CrNi 19-11

2-3 days

1.4306 / X2CrNi 19-11

Round Bars 20–120 mm


Conforms with

Material properties: Tensile Strength – MPa, Yield Strength – MPa, Working temperature – °C

Equivalent or similar: Z2CN18-10, Z3CN18-10, SS2352, PN 00H18N10, GOST 03KH18N11

A specially developed material for the pumping of ammonium nitrate melt, hot nitric acid at medium concentrations and also the vaporisation of waste nitric acid. This steel grade its typical uses are the production, stocking and transportation in the beverage, nutritional and chemical industries. However, its corrosion resistance depends partly on its strength, surface condition, cleanliness and roughness. Ni Nickel must be 10-12%, no less!!!